Mum Deserves The Best!

Dedicating a day to honour the most important woman in our lives is the least we can do as children. Make this heart-warming occasion extra special for Mum by showing how much you appreciate all that she has done.

Mothers are so selfless that they devote all their energy and resources to the family without making plans for themselves. For Mother's Day this year, indulge Mummy Dearest with thoughtful gifts that will keep giving for years to come.

Gift 1: Make her dreams come true:

She may have always dreamed about travelling the world or learning a new skill. However as mothers are, they tend to forgo their own wants to satisfy the family’s financial needs. Now that we are able to, we can help Mum set up a "dream fund" with some “seed capital”, and bring her nearer to realising her aspirations.

Gift 2: Take good care of her:

One of the most practical presents you can give Mum is keeping her health in check. Schedule and remind her to go for regular medical check-ups or purchase health insurance for her if she doesn’t have one already. If she already has policies in place, ensure that the coverage is adequate to cushion the unexpected.

Gift 3: Have a heart-to-heart talk:

It can be difficult to start this topic but it is important to ensure your mother has made retirement plans that can sustain through her golden years. Women tend to leave financial planning to their husbands, so take this opportunity to help Mum gain insight on basic financial planning and track her progress towards her retirement goals. This Mother’s Day, shower the queen of your heart with lovely indulgences and some great financial insights!

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